Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are a useful tool (unblock youtube proxy) to help access blocked sites on the Internet among other purposes. It is important to know what a proxy server is, and how using one could benefit you.

How to Unblock Youtube Videos

A proxy server is computer thats purpose is to act as a messenger between a web browser and the Internet. Proxy servers help increase web performance, and also can keep your location private by storing an exact copy of commonly used webpages. When a browser requests a webpage that a proxy server had stored in its server's collection (known as its cache), it is withdrawn from the proxy server, which is much faster than getting it from the web. It also prevents websites that are blocked in certain countries from knowing where you currently are. Proxy servers can also be used to enhance security by filtering out suspicious web content and software. Anonymous proxy servers are able to hide your IP address, and they are the ones that allow you to access websites banned from certain countries (Example: only residents of the United States can watch videos on, and is blocked in certain countries such as China) The kind of proxy server that lets you access blocked web pages is the one I will be focusing on in this article. It is a very useful tool for those who want to watch television series or web shows online, but cant because many video streaming websites are blocked in their country.

How Do You Use An Anonymous Proxy Server?

If you want to use a proxy server to unblock certain websites, then you just have to sign in to your proxy server of choice. A separate window will open which you can then use to surf the web, but instead of getting web pages directly from the website server it will get them through the proxy server. This will allow blocked sites to become accessible. If your proxy server site of choice does not unblock your website of choice, then simply close it, and try one of the thousands of other free proxy server sites. Eventually you should find one that unblocks your website of choice. You then should have access to use the website as long as you desire with no problems through the use of a free proxy server, or a paid proxy server. To keep your location anonymous you must uncheck the allow cookies checkbox in order to hide your personal information. Also a url encode option allows you to hide the websites you visit.

Why Are Free Proxy Servers Needed?

Proxy servers can be used for a number of other purposes such as:

  • Speed up access to webpages (by using caching)
  • Hide machines or other servers from the publically accessible internet
  • To bypass security or parental controls
  • To open blocked sites in schools and offices
  • To protect your real identity while using the internet
In this case you can use an anonymous proxy server to hide your location in order to access websites like or unblock that are blocked in your country.